Fuuvi NanoBlock Camera

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Remember building castles out of those plastic building blocks when you were a kid? FUVVI brings back the blocks, and this time they take real photos as well. The Nanoblock camera is a real digital camera that you can customize endlessly with different Nanoblocks. Change the shape, color, size... anything you'd like! (You'll need some extra Nanoblocks for this...)

Rechargeable battery, Micro SD card memory and a easy fit into any pocket provide endless toy camera fun. 

  • Imaging Method AVI Motion JPEG still picture
  • Still Image Resolution 2048 × 1536
  • Video Resolution : 720x480 30fps with Audio
  • Chip : 2 Million Pixel CMOS
  • Lens : f2.8
  • ISO : 100
  • Battery : Built in Lithium Ion rechargeable thru and USB port
  • Recording Media : Micro SD up to 16gb
  • Shooting time : up to 100 minutes
  • Mac and PC!