Holga 135 Panoramic Camera

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Brand Holga

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Panoramic and 35mm? Pinhole and Regular lens? This Holga has it all! A super wide 72x24mm Pano- and for the first time ever: Interchangeable Lenses! The 135 pan includes both the Pinhole and the Regular Zone Focus lens that you are used to. It's like two cameras in one, a dream for those who can't decide between Pinhole and the usual lens. Ships with strap, 2 lenses and body.

  • Lens Type:  55mm f/8 Optical AND 0.25mm diameter f/236 Pinhole
  • Focus: Zone Focus
  • Flash: Hotshoe
  • Film Format:  35mm
  • Aperture:  Sunny (f/11) / Cloudy (f/8)
  • Tripod Mount:  Yes
  • Bulb Exposure:  Yes
  • Dimensions:  165x80x98mm
  • Weight:  235g
  • Shutter:  Leaf, 1/100s