Keybrid Key Ring


Brand Four Corner Store

Who likes lugging all those keys around when you are out shooting on a nice sunny day? Not Us. So we've come across an ingenious solution: The Keybrid Key Ring. It's a Key, it's a ring, and it will clip on to just about anything. Belt loop? Yup. Camera bag Zipper? Of Course. One of the most innovative products we've seen in quite a while, and it makes a Great gift!

Clip it on your wad of cash, notes or Passport. Use it to hold all of your other keys, or clip it right onto your Camera strap! 

Available in two models, the Keybrid will fit 95% of all US and Canadian doors. Check your house key, it's most likely either a Kwikset or a Schlage. Pick the appropriate blank and head off to your local hardware shop. They'll cut it for you for usually less then a buck!